Policies Edit

This is a place for fun, but even fun has rules. These are the rules and policies we have at this wiki to make sure everyone is having a fun time!

  • No pornography of any kind. Posting a link or uploading a picture of porn at all will result in a 8 month block regardless of the the reason the porn was posted.
  • No threats.
  • No swearing directly at another user.
  • No spam edits.
  • No rude or mean comments (on the wiki pages as well as chat.)
  • Do not excessively use swear word.
  • Abuse of Admin/Chat Mod power of any sort will result in the admin/mod being demoted as well as a one month block. There will be no other warnings after this.
  • No asking for Admin/Mod rights.
  • No sock accounts.
  • Have Fun.

consequences Edit

Consequences very depending on the situation at hand, but generally we will give 2 warnings and 2 kicks before a ban.

(If you are having any trouble following the rules, would like a rule added, or would like a rule removed, please contact a admin and leave them a message on their talk page. Thank you and happy editing!)

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