File:Seth Green Brony.png

"Phuckin faggot's" - Dylanisthebest123 on bronies

"screw you" price, crit, and reed to dylan

Bronies are a new breed of humans, many hobbies are based on the *Somehow* popular show My little pony: freindship is magic

Whats the difference between THIS MLP and the OLD ONE you ask?Edit

Many things! apparently, it was made by the people who made Powerpuff girls (everyone liked that, no haters where known) and it uses "flash animation" No, flash animation is not a type of cartoon pornography, apparently.

Cloppers & furriesEdit

"what disgraces" Dylanisthebest

Dolanisnotthebest "fap...."

In some cases bronies are known as "Badias assias" a latin word, meaning awesome. but in some. they are friggin creepy. For example cloppers, many people known as them is your neighbor with the icecream truck, and dolan, up above. cloppers are people who wanna hit twilight sparkle, lets put it at that. furrys are people attracted to any other animal, again, they want to do an animal. 

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